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   I am drawn the the beautiful organic chaos of the natural world. From its vast sweeping skies and landscapes to the meandering flow of water in a river or texture in a piece of rock, there is inspiration everywhere. I am most interested in places of transition where earth, sky and water meet, intimately connected and always in motion.

   I strive to capture the energy and emotion of these places in my work by inviting spontaneity, improvisation and chaos into a playful dance that is my creative process. I use the properties of my mediums to carry pigments and to emulate the fluidity and solidity of my subjects. I prefer suggestive abstraction over realism because it tickles the imagination and invites participation.

   But there is nothing more awe inspiring than watching my young son immerse himself in his own art adventures, pure intuition uncluttered by self doubt or thinking, he engages his muse with bravado as a free spirit with naive, fearless conviction. Something I can only hope to catch a glimpse of but continue to strive for :)



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